Vaginal discharge – what is normal and when to get worried?

Honestly talking, we all have at least once pulled our panties down in the bathroom and started to wonder: ''Is this normal?'' Vaginal discharge actually is completely normal and has an important role in maintaining the female reproductive system working clean and well. Glands within vagine produce bodily fluid which carries away the dead cells and bacteria, preventing the occurence of infections and maintaining the va-jay-jay healthy. In most of cases, vaginal discharge is completely healthy, and may vary in its amount and colour, depending on the day of the menstrual cyclus. It is important to recognize an unusual discharge, in order to be able to react on time in case of any peculiarities.

White vaginal discharge

White or clear vaginal discharge is a healthy discharge produced by vagina in order to maintain the vaginal ecosystem balance.

If the white or milky colored vaginal discharge is accompanied by any other symptoms, such as strong odor, irritation, burning sensation during urination, or pain during sex, it is most probably yeast infection.

Any accompanying symptom nect to milky discharge, is a substantial reason for doctor's visit.

Yellow or green vaginal discharge

 The change of vaginal discharge to a yellowish shade is most probably caused by changes in the diet.

Clearly yellow discharge is a sign of a bacterial infection or an STD. In  this case, there is also a strong unpleasant odor present.

Pink vaginal discharge

Pale-pink or dark-pink vaginal discharge usually contains a bit of blood, and most commonly appears before menstruation, but in some women also before ovulation.

Rough sex may cause small tears or irritation of vagina or cervix, which cause result in pink discharge.

Grey vaginal discharge

Grey vaginal  discharge implies a common vaginal infection, bacterial vaginosis. Except for grey discharge, symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are irritation, itching feeling, redness arounf vulva and vaginal opening and strong unpleasant odor.

In case of occurence of grey vaginal discharge, it is advised to consult yourself with a doctor.

When should you visit a doctor?

Any discharge followed by unusual scent or appearance is a sufficient reason for doctor's visit. Specia attention should be given in case of any other symptoms on the vaginal area, including:

  • painful urination
  • itching
  • uncomfortable or painful sensation
  • bleeding between periods or after seks
  • foamy, coudy, or cottage cheese-alike discharge
  • grey, yellow or green discharge
  • strong vaginal odor.