Should I get tested?

You do not need to worry about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), because you do not have any symptoms.... Wrong!

When it comes to sexually active adults, everyone is familiar with two main advices: use protection and get tested! STI testing is advised to all young people and adults who have sex, particularly with multiple partners. Need2Know service offers an anonymous, but easy and comfortable way of testing for most common STIs.

Rise in reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and the fact that about 80% of STDs show no symptoms until the late stages of the infection, contribute to the high risk of contracting or spreading the infection without you or your partner even knowing that you have it. When nearly one out of three people have a STD, it is important to stay in control of your and your partner's sexual health.

You should consider getting tested if:

  • you are worried you might have an STI
  • you have had unprotected casual sex
  • condom broke during the intercourse
  • your partner has another sexual partner or has had previous sexual partners
  • you are using intravenous drugs
  • you are starting a new sexual relationship


Stay safe, have fun!