How it works?

What is Need2Know?

Need2Know is a convenient and easy way to gain important information about your health. It allows you to test yourself for STDs from the comfort of your home. Need2Know provides you with a professional, private and confidential service. You just have to order the test you want online, collect the sample by yourself, following the instructions which come with your collection kit, then send the sample back to us and view your results online on our webpage. The entire process is completely anonymous.

Our process

At Need2Know, we value your privacy and ensure that your test results are completely confidential. Your test results will contain no identifiable information. The only personal information you can choose to include in your test results is your birth date. When purchasing our services, we provide you with a unique UserID. Also, an access key is provided with your collection kit. Only using the unique UserID and access key combination you can view your results.

Step 1

Browse the tests and select the ones you want. You can also select which type of sample you would like to take. After adding all the tests that you want to your cart, click on the Review and order button under the cart icon. Here you can see the list of tests you selected, along with the type of sample and the price of each test. Proceed by clicking on the Order button. Then you just have to follow the instructions to finish ordering your tests.

Step 2

Your collection kit will arrive in a plain, unbranded envelope, with only our company logo visible (InovaGen). There will be no mention of STD testing anywhere on the envelope. We will notify you via email when we send you the collection kit. It will arrive at the shipping address you have provided. Included in your collection kit are a prepaid return envelope, detailed instructions for taking your sample and all the materials you need to take a sample. The sampling materials and instructions will depend on which types of samples you chose to test. Also provided with your collection kit is your unique access key, which you have to use to see your results. Do not lose it! Below is an example of a collection kit as it will arrive in the mail.

Step 3

To take a sample, you just have to carefully follow the instructions provided with your collection kit. There are different instructions depending on which types of samples you chose to test (anal, oral, genital, blood and urine samples). After you have taken a sample, carefully package it by following the instructions. Then send the samples back to us using the prepaid return envelope included in your collection kit. We will notify you via email when we receive the sample.

Step 4

We will notify you via email when your results are ready. You can only view your results through our webpage. To access your results, click on the Results button, in the upper-right corner of our webpage and enter your unique UserID and access key. First you will need to complete a quick, anonymous survey, which we use to enhance and upgrade our services. Once you complete the survey, your results are available to you. If you want, there is an option to print a copy of your results.