Why Need2Know?

Testing can be quick and easy. Need2Know offers you a private, confidential and easily accessible STD testing from the comfort of your home. Our service allows you to take a test without any need for making appointments, waiting in line or having the testing recorded in your medical file. Your results will remain completely anonymous and only for you to access.

Specialized in molecular biology, we recognize its growing application in medicine, using fast and highly accurate methods for pathogen identification. Driven by human well-being and wish to offer next-level STI testing, we aim to encourage sex positivity through knowledge. Just like in life, knowledge about sexual health leads to empowerment.

Need2Know tests are PCR-based methods. As a fast and modern diagnostic technique, PCR methods are being increasingly used in the clinical microbiological laboratories. High specificity of PCR enables detection of an infection in its earliest stages, as opposed to other diagnostics methods, where it takes several weeks or months for the detection to be possible. Due to its high sensitivity and specificity, PCR-based methods are a powerful tool in rapid pathogen detection.