Why should I get tested?

All sexually active people are at risk of contracting STIs. Most of the infected people have no symptoms and may not be even aware that they have an STI, so testing is the only way to be completely familiar with your STI status. Recognizing you have an STI from its earliest stages allows you proper early treatment, which helps you to avoid development of health complications caused by long-term infection. Testing at least once a year is advised to all sexually active adults.

Don't I get tested automatically for STDs by my doctor?

Most probably not. If you have not directly asked for any specific STD test, you most likely haven't been tested.

I fear that I have been exposed to an STD recently. When is a good time to get tested?

Many people ask themselves this question after a weekend of casual fun. Every STD develops at a different rate, and chances are that there will not be any symptoms until advanced stages of the infection. If you have any questions or fears, the best would be to get tested as soon as possible for your peace of mind.

How accurate are the tests?

Need2Know tests are PCR-based methods. PCR techniques allow highly sensitive and accurate pathogen identification from the earliest phases of the infection. Each test is performed parallel with positive, negative and internal controls, allowing the highest quality and control standards.

In which countries is your service available?

Our services are available for all European countries.

How does the kit packaging look like?

The kit is sent in a plain envelope. The packaging is discrete and there will be no mention of STI testing on the envelope.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the type of shipping you choose. You can choose between:
  • Standard shipping – free of charge
  • Priority shipping - 10€
  • Priority signed shipping - 20€
  • TNT - 30€

I ordered a test. When can I expect the kit to arrive?

After confirming your order, we ship the kit no later than the next working day. Delivery time depends on the type of shipping you chose:
  • Standard shipping – 6 to 8 working days
  • Priority shipping – 4 to 6 working days
  • Priority signed shipping – 4 to 6 working days
  • TNT – next working day

What is the difference between priority and priority signed shipping?

Priority shipping has an advantage in the postal service during delivery, while priority signed shipping has this advantage, but also a tracking number which enables you to track your shipment and you can only receive it by signing for it.

My kit did not arrive. What should I do?

Contact us and we will send you a new kit free of charge.

I received the kit. What now?

The kit contains detailed sampling instructions and associated information which will allow you an easy and hassle-free sampling. After finishing the sampling procedure, place the sample in the container and protective cover, and send the samples to our laboratory.

Should I follow any special instructions before giving the sample?

You will not need to fast before the test. For some test types there are certain recommendations regarding preparation prior to testing. For more details please check the Instructions provided within your Kit.

What kind of samples are required?

Sample type varies depending on which STD will be tested. Where applicable, there will be an option to choose which sample types you want to test.

How long does it take for results to be done?

Time for results delivery depends on the test ordered, but no later than 10 working days since receipt of sample in the laboratory.

How will I receive the test result?

You will receive the notification of the availability of results electronically, to the e-mail address you entered upon registration. The results will then be visible online through our internal system that you can access using your user ID and access key.

Can I access my results from my mobile phone?

Yes, you will be able to see your results via your mobile phone.

Who can see my results?

All test results are always 100% confidential, and only you are able to access your results. The testing will not be marked in your medical files. Every phase of the testing process will be done completely professionally with respect towards your privacy.

I tested positive. What should I do?

In case of positive results, you should contact your doctor to arrange appropriate treatment.

Does my insurance cover the testing?

Need2Know services are not covered by insurance.

Can I cancel my order?

The order can be canceled before receiving the samples. The deadline for cancellation is 7 days from placing an order. In case of cancellation, the payment is returned within 15 days, deduced for shipping costs (depend on which shipping option you chose) and the costs of the sampling kit in the amount of 5 €.