Terms of use

Need2Know (hereinafter: N2K©) is a molecular biology laboratory specialized in sexually transmitted infections (hereinafter: STI). STI testing is a laboratory procedure which enables detection and/or quantification of pathogens transmitted via sexual contact, which can cause the development of sexually transmitted diseases (hereinafter STD).

The holder of all rights of the brand N2K© is the company InovaGen Ltd. (hereinafter: InovaGen).

The service provider of STI testing and other products (hereinafter: Services) of N2K© is InovaGen Ltd., Samoborska cesta  217/A, 10 090 Zagreb. The company is registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the registration number (MBS) 080927214 and identification number (PIN) 83135460750.

Following conditions of use are enforced to all clients starting on 1st of February, 2018.


I) Ordering the Service

When ordering the Service by electronic means, the client of the STD testing (signer of the Testing Order Form, hereinafter: Client) will receive an electronic confirmation of receipt of the order no later than the next business day. The confirmation contains a list of ordered Services, the sample type, the Client’s contact details and payment instructions.

The Kit is sent no later than the next business day.

A Client can choose to receive the Kit by a courier service at additional cost.

Need2Know reserves the right to refuse provision of kits and testing service, to eliminate or terminate accounts, modify content, or cancel requests in its sole discretion.


II) Cancellation of orders

The Client may cancel the ordered Services prior to the arrival of the biological samples used in further STD testing (hereinafter: Samples) to the laboratory and not later than 7 (seven) days after completion of the order by providing an explicit statement sent by the internal system on the Need2Know website, specifying the User ID and Access Key. N2K© will then refund to the Client the amount of money paid reduced by shipping costs (depends on which shipping option the Client chose) and the costs of the sampling kit (5€) within 15 working days.

After commencing the testing procedure, the Client may request cessation of the test by providing an explicit statement sent by the internal system on the Need2Know website, specifying the User ID and Access Key. However, a refund at that time is no longer possible.


III) Samples

N2K© accepts Samples labelled and taken in accordance with the instructions for taking samples obtained in the Kit.

On the day of receiving the Sample, employees at N2K© will decide whether to commence the testing or reject the sample. N2K© will contact the Client via the internal Need2Know system upon receipt of the Sample. If the testing cannot be conducted on the submitted Sample, N2K© will inform the Client and request a new Sample and delivery thereof. The first repeated sending of the Kit is carried out at no cost to the Client. If the subsequently submitted sample is not usable, each subsequent sending of a Kit is charged according to the current price list.

Conditions for refusal of a Sample include (but are not limited to):

  1. Improper sampling (wrong biological material, biological material that cannot pass the necessary processing, improperly labelled sample, deviating from the steps in the instructions for taking a sample)
  2. Deviating from the required transport conditions (limited time for submitting samples for molecular analysis of pathogens, poor quality of the Sample upon receipt at the laboratory which includes severe damage, decomposition and contamination of the Sample)
  3. Insufficient biological material
  4. Unsigned acceptance of these Conditions of Use by the Client


Once the Sample is received, it becomes the ownership of InovaGen and can be used for internal quality control for the purpose of scientific research and the development of new analytical methods. Such samples are not marked by name.

In the case of the remaining sample material left after conducting the analysis, all samples will be destroyed 7 days after their arrival at the laboratory.


IV) Testing results

Tests performed by N2K© are in accordance with generally accepted laboratory procedures, which guarantees a highly professional, prompt and quality service.

The testing will comprehend only the tests selected during the purchase, as well as samples from selected body areas. Test results obtained from samples of certain body sites do not imply or verify that other body sites are positive or negative compared to the tested body site.

The test results are sent within 10 working days from receipt of the sample at the lab. In case of any deviations from this timeline, N2K© will inform the Client of such matters no later than the last day of the standard period. The results are sent to the Client electronically, via the internal Need2Know system.

The test results from this website will be available to the Client only online and it is the Client's responsibility to either download or print these results in case the Client desires to retain a physical or electronic copy.

By ordering N2K© services, the Client consents to receive an electronic notification when the results are ready and consents to login privately and singly to a secure portal to view the testing results from the submitted samples.

If the Client has not been notified about his/her results, it cannot be assumed that the test results were negative, indeterminate or positive. It is the Client's responsibility to email customer support at info@2knowdiagnostics.com for instructions about receiving his/her results in case of any question.  

The results of this testing and all associated collection materials, including written materials, are for informational and educational purposes only, and not a substitute for medical care or examination, treatment or follow-up. This indicates that results reported by N2K© have not been clinically validated. The technology used by N2K© is the same technology used by the research community, but to date, it has not found wide application for clinical testing.

N2K© services cannot be used for any diagnostic purposes and are not a substitute for professional medical advice.

N2K© does not provide medical services, diagnosis, treatment or advice. If necessary, it is the Client's sole responsibility to seek advice, diagnosis and/or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider based on the results of this testing.


V) Notice of privacy practices

The results of each conducted test are strictly confidential and are issued only to the Client who has ordered the Service. The results can only be accessed with the specific combination of UserID and Access Key provided to the Client. Each client is provided with his/her own unique UserID and Access Key.

It is the Client's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of his/her account, password or Access Key. It is the Client's responsibility for all activities that occur under his/her account, password or Access Key. 

Any and all personal medical information and personal data collected at the Need2Know web site will be treated confidentially.

More about privacy practices can be found in the Privacy Policy section.


VI) Responsibility

The responsibility for the risk of loss of sampling kits and their contents passes directly to the Client once the kits are delivered from N2K© to the postal carrier.

N2K© is not responsible for the efficiencies and errors of the postal services. It is the Client's responsibility to track his/her package and all tracking information will be provided by N2K©. If the package is not received as indicated by the tracking information, the Client should contact info@2knowdiagnostics.com and one new package will be sent out in good faith that the Client did not actually receive his/her package.

Responsibility for taking a Sample is assumed by the Client. This also applies to the quality of the sample taken, i.e. that the sample submitted to the laboratory was properly taken, labelled and sent in a manner that prevents contamination or substitution.

The Client assumes responsibility for the accuracy of all information in the Service Order Form.  When providing personal requested information to the N2K© website, the Client is responsible, under any circumstance, for being truthful, accurate and that any and all mail-in kits that are purchased, and their contents, will only be used by the Client who made the purchase and for his/her personal use only.

It is the Client's responsibility to understand that N2K© services are not diagnostic, and therefore cannot be intended for the prevention or treatment of any condition or disease or for the estimation of the Client’s health without medical or clinical examination and information.

N2K© is not responsible for the effectiveness of any specific course of action, tests conducted by healthcare providers, drugs, medical devices or any products, opinions or other information mentioned on our website or connected to our services.

The Client understands that N2K© services are only intended for research, informational and educational purposes. Information provided by N2K© may be used to identify a possible diagnosis or treatment, but the Client should not take any decisions about his/her health based solely on the information provided by N2K©. Seeking the advice of a doctor or other healthcare provider in case of any questions or concerns related to N2K© testing results is highly advised.

N2K© strives to the highest standards of quality and accuracy controls, but as with all tests based on molecular biology methods, certain conditions can interfere with the analysis and cause erroneous test results, including (but not limited to) DNA degradation caused by external factors, mutations within the pathogen or a technical mistake. An erroneous result can be displayed as a false positive or a false negative result. A false positive result means the pathogen was detected, which is not in fact present. A false negative result means the test failed to identify an infection which is in fact present.

N2K© disclaims any liability for the inaccuracy of the test results resulting from such conditions and shall not be liable for indirect, consequential or incidental damages of any kind.

N2K© assumes no responsibility for any damage that might occur as a result of an incorrectly taken sample or as a result of some other circumstances related to the conducted STI testing.

Due to a certain latent period after the initial infection, there is a need for repeat or multiple testing at periodic intervals ranging from monthly to annually when latent infections may be present but are asymptomatic.

For any claims the Client makes under these Conditions of Use, including implied terms and within the legal frames, N2K© responsibility will be limited to the amount paid by the Client or on the Client’s behalf.


VII) Disclaimer of Warranties

N2K© strives to provide our services with the highest level of quality, control and care, but there are certain matters which N2K© does not promise about its services, as listed below.

N2K© does not guarantee that the services will meet the Client’s requirements, be reliable or be available when the Client wants to access the service. N2K© does not guarantee that the results obtained from the N2K© service will be accurate or reliable and the quality of any services, information or other purchased material will meet the Client’s expectations.

Since all of N2K© services and testing results can be accessed solely through the N2K© internal system for which online access is needed, N2K© does not guarantee that the services or testing results will be available when the Client wants to use them, error-free or that any communication made via the N2K© internal system or any information or content provided through the service will be secure.

Certain terms related to the quality of the provided service may be included into this agreement by law. Lawfully valid terms are not listed in this agreement but are automatically valid.

N2K© does not guarantee that the online services are free of viruses and other harmful components. N2K© is not responsible for any damage arising from any virus or other harmful component in any of the services.

The Client is advised to always use caution when giving out any personally identifying information. N2K© does not have any obligation to verify the identity of, or screen the persons using the services, or to monitor the use of the services by other users. Therefore, N2K© will not be responsible for any damage resulting from the Client’s interactions with other users, for identity theft or any other misuse of the Client’s identity or information.

N2K© does not control or endorse any actions connected to the Client’s participation in the services and is not responsible for such actions.

N2K© cannot control the Clients’ behaviour, and therefore does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any user content or adopt, endorse or accept responsibility for the conduct of any users or for accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statements the Clients make.


VIII) Court of competent jurisdiction

An endeavour will be made to resolve all disagreements or disputes arising between N2K© and the Client through mutual agreement in a spirit of mutual cooperation and goodwill. If an agreement cannot be reached, the parties agree to the court of competent jurisdiction in Zagreb, Croatia.